Businesses are working hard to establish an online presence on the web. However, there is very high competition in the market, so you need to use innovative strategies to thrive. It will help you succeed and keep moving with the growing pace. 

An apt solution to mark your presence on the web is through a website. And another vital thing is website hosting. By opting for a website hosting service, you create an online presence on the web. It results in generating leads and sales. It’s good to choose the best shared hosting plans for hosting your first or basic level websites.

When you start experiencing traffic on your website, you need more advanced options like VPS hosting. If your website receives a lot of traffic and needs more resources to work smoothly, buy affordable VPS hosting today as it is the right choice for you. 

As I have stated, the industry is quite competitive. VPS hosting services are available from a variety of website hosting firms, with varying plans and prices. 

I recommend MilesWeb for top-quality, and best VPS hosting services. MilesWeb is a fast-paced web hosting company established in India.

They have a total of 39,032 consumers all over the world. MilesWeb is well-known for its dependable and best-in-class services. At MilesWeb, the team aims at flourishing the online presence of customers with their super-fast web hosting. 

MilesWeb offers fully managed VPS hosting at competitive costs. MilesWeb’s VPS hosting is known for enterprise-grade hardware, outstanding support, and inexpensive prices. Learn more about MilesWeb’s VPS hosting below.

VPS Hosting 

Virtual Private Servers A virtual private server is sometimes known as a VPS. It allows you to have a virtual private server with dedicated resources. The hardware resources like CPU, RAM, and memory you do not share with other users. 

Even if you share the physical server with other users, the resources are allocated to you. A virtual private server provides access to a real server but with dedicated and independent resources.

The web hosting provider offers you all solutions with the choice of your operating system and also root access. With all these features, you get an affordable budget. 

Benefits of VPS Hosting Are:

  • Servers provide dedicated features at a lower price compared to dedicated servers 
  • VPS offers faster service than shared hosting servers 
  • You can choose which operating system you want to run your server 
  • You can customize your server to fit your website’s requirements 

Understand What is Managed VPS Hosting? 

By using managed VPS hosting, you can concentrate on running your business while they handle the VPS server for you. With managed VPS hosting, you can rest assured about the server maintenance, configuration, and other technical aspects of your VPS hosting server.

Why Choose MilesWeb’s VPS? 

The below features will help you know why you should go for MilesWeb VPS hosting service. 

SSL Encryption Certificate 

You will get an SSL certificate free of charge with MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans. They are primarily used to encrypt data between the website and its visitors. The website is protected by an SSL certificate, which keeps it safe from attacks and hackers. If you are concerned about the SEO rankings of your website, an SSL certificate also helps to improve the SEO rankings of the website.

SSD Servers 

SSD-based servers are ideal options for websites that need super-fast speed. Numerous advantages are there of SSD drives: 

  • They offer maximum speed and performance. 
  •  SSD drives the newest and most advanced technology servers

MilesWeb hosts all of its websites on SSD-based servers to maximize its performance.

The VPS servers of MilesWeb are equipped with Intel Xeon processors. The Intel Xeon CPUs are the latest generation of multi-core high-performance processors. The Intel Xeon processors ensure top-speed performance for your website/application.

Are the Server Resources Guaranteed? 

Yes, you get guaranteed server resources with MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans. You don’t have to share resources with other tenants on the server since you have guaranteed resources. It will be a great addition to your website or application.

You can utilize all the resources for hosting your mission-critical website or application. So zero chances of performance fluctuations. 

VPS Hosting Plans 

There are two options for VPS hosting with MilesWeb, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. 

Under the Linux VPS hosting, ten plans are incorporated. The resources you get with the managed VPS hosting plans are Intel CPU processors, SSD disk space, bandwidth, dedicated IP, and control panel. 

The resource range is as follows: 

  • 2vCPU to 40 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM to 128 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD Disk to 500 GB SSD Disk
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Free Control Panel

These resources are sufficient to help you get a smooth and hassle-free web hosting experience. They give you all the features you need to run your business smoothly.

24×7 Customer Support 

If you have any questions or concerns related to technical support, we are available 24×7 via Ticket/ Live chat/email. Their team is well trained and experienced in dealing with hosting-related issues. 

Wrap Up 

So, if you are looking for a reliable managed VPS hosting site, you can try MilesWeb. Their VPS hosting plans are affordable compared to other web hosting providers. 

Also, the features you get with each plan are top-notch. A 99.95% uptime guarantee is offered to keep websites running hassle-free on the web.

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