Looking for effective SEO techniques to drive organic traffic to your website? Apply these actionable SEO strategies to attract tons of traffic.

Google search algorithm is always changing and updating. As a result, gaining the top position in search ranking is becoming harder day by day. So what do we have to do? Create better content, optimize site speed and focus hard on outdoing our competitors.

But how to do it?

In this post, we have outlined the best SEO techniques you can apply to better rank and attract more traffic.

Optimize Click-Through Rate

You can attain the top position in search ranking. The keyword you rank for may have thousands of search volumes. But you won’t receive any traffic until people actually click on your link. There could be a good reason why people don’t click on your page in the search result. Why you may ask? It’s because your page is not optimized for clicks.

No click means no traffic. So how do you optimize for clicks? Simply improve your title and meta description. You have to make them as appealing as they can be. A concise title and meta description aligning with the search intent will surely bring you more traffic.

Optimize website speed

Website speed is an important metric that influences search ranking. Site speed is so crucial that it can break all your SEO strategies if not optimized well.

A well-optimized site with decent enough speed will surely rank higher in search results. However, positioning in the search results is not the only thing that site speed influences.

It can impact conversions too. A slow loading site could potentially downgrade user experience and therefore impact traffic. Therefore to boost traffic, you have to boost the site speed. Thankfully, you have myriad tools like PageSpeed Insights and Test My Site at your disposal, to analyze and improve your site speed.

Aim for Featured Snippet

One SEO technique that could dramatically increase traffic to your site is the featured snippet. Numerous SEO case studies have proven that featured snippets receive more traffic.

However, you should note that google pulls featured snippets from the website already ranking for the top 10 positions. The takeaway here is that if you rank in the top 10 for any query where Google displays featured snippets, then you have an opportunity to double your traffic by gaining a place in the featured snippet.

Now, there is no hard and fast rule or any specific technique to win a featured snippet. However, most SEO experts agree that optimizing your content and aligning it with the search intent increases your chance of winning a slot in the snippet.

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Freshen Up the Old content

It’s an established fact that SEO is largely about relevancy. Google mostly gives preference to those websites whose content is most relevant to the search query.

Now, your old content may not be so relevant for the present search scenario, or there could be newer information available on other websites that yours lack. The result will be a loss in ranking and obviously a drop in traffic.

Refreshing your old content could skyrocket the traffic again. You have to find old pages on your website and republish the content with some additional information. This simple SEO trick could hugely boost your website traffic. You can use Google Analytics to pinpoint those URLs which have seen a major drop in traffic and then update the content on those pages.

Target easy to Rank Keywords

There is a direct correlation between organic traffic and referring domains. In general, the higher the number of linking domains, the better the search position and, therefore, more traffic.

However, you will regularly find keywords that deviate from this rule. Some pages rank and attract huge traffic with few or no links. These are easy to rank keywords and do not require much effort in SEO to gain ranking. All you have to do is search for such easy to rank topics related to your niche and publish content on it.

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Fill Content Gap

A content gap is something your competitors rank for, but you haven’t dealt with yet. Consequently, you will be losing traffic to your competitors. You have to fill this content gap to boost traffic on your website.

Not only with overlooked keywords, but the content gap can also occur within the page content. For example, your competitors may have covered a topic in a broader way than you did.

If that happens, Google will see your competitor’s page as more relevant to the search intent than yours; therefore, it will provide a better ranking to it. The solution here is to tweak your content with additional information and update it. Next, search for all the extra keywords that your competitors are ranking and then cover that topic as well. You will surely see a boost in your website’s traffic.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms receive billions of hits every day; therefore, they can be a powerful tool to drive huge traffic to your website. You can leverage social media platforms to boost visibility and increase footfall to your website.

You can use, for example, Instagram and Facebook to showcase your products and inculcate interest among users. At the same time, other platforms like Twitter can serve as a platform to relay your business’s visions and aim to create trust.

To start building an audience, create an account on all major social media platforms. Post interesting content regularly to increase following and expand the possibility of converting them to regular visitors to your website. With social media platforms, you have an unlimited supply of quality traffic, provided you deploy effective strategies to divert the traffic to your website.

Final Thoughts

SEO is an ever-evolving space with numerous techniques to attain higher search ranking and attract tons of traffic. In this post, we have included the most powerful and effective SEO techniques to drive organic traffic. We genuinely believe that these actionable and easy strategies could help you attain better search ranking and more traffic.